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Wednesday, 29th April

Good morning all, 


The next instalment of the perimeter work has been uploaded for you. 


Again, I have uploaded a PPT for you.  On this PowerPoint there are no teaching points or instructions, just some reasoning style questions for you to practise before you attempt the worksheets. You can attempt the questions on the PPT and then check your answers on the next slide. 


Please have a go at the two worksheets. 

Start on the sheet which has the little 'E' in the corner and then try the 'GD' sheet. 


Show your workings, just like at school. Do not just try and whizz through and do it all in your head. 





Unlike yesterday, I have actually remembered to attach the link onto the school website so you won't need to go through class Dojo. 


The focus today is on the writing features of a newspaper. 


We have covered writing newspapers in school so this is something you should remember a little about. 


Please follow the instructions on the attachment. 



Mr Coop.