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Wednesday, 29th April

Hi Year 6

I hope you did well with the maths work yesterday.

Here is the work for Wednesday 29th April:

We are not doing writing today – I have saved it until tomorrow, like last week!

In maths we are going to look at finding the mean (average) of a set of data. When thinking about the word mean/average I always introduce it by referring to height or shoe size. I am below the average height of a woman (I know you are surprised!) and Mrs Limb is above the average height. Mrs Carr is probably about the average height. My shoe size of 3 is below average, Mrs Limb’s size 8 is above average and Mrs Carr, size 5, is about average. (I can already guess that some of you are thinking that my feet are very small and that you already have bigger feet than me, even though you are still growing, but I would like to say that given my height I would look very silly with big feet!)  Anyway, on with the lesson …

  1. Take a look at the PowerPoint from Classroom Secrets.  You will need to have a look at it as a PowerPoint (not as slides) in order to have a go at working out the answers.
  2. I then want you to complete a section from page 150 and 151 of the TYM sheets. Two sections in total today.
  3. I have ‘attached’ a passenger and crew list for the Lusitania. These are the names of the people who were on board the ship, either travelling or working on it, as it set sail on May 1st 1915 so there are a lot of names.  I want you to spend quite a bit of time reading through the names, seeing how old people were, their nationality and whether they survived or not. Remember as you look at these names, these were real people, not names I have made up for a lesson. You will notice that there were families on board. As you get towards the end of the list you will see the surname, Vanderbilt, an extremely wealthy American family. Once you have had a good look, I want you to choose the name of one of the people on board, someone who survived. This person will be important for tomorrow’s writing.


Have a good day and I will catch up with you tomorrow

Mrs K x