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Wednesday, 29th April

First: Phoneme recap-phoneme quick write, ask  your child to spell the phonemes when you shout them out, if they are a little stuck let them have a sneaky peak.

Then reading word recap-which set have you got onto now?  Have you checked back on any of your old sets to check that you have not forgotten them?

Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s:

I thought that we would do some spelling practise today.  In school we had been looking at spelling: he, she, me, be, he (they all have only one ’e’!)  I thought that you could practise spelling these words and then also learn a new word: ‘are’ which is the phoneme ’ar’ with a sneaky ‘e’ on the end.

Here are some ways of learning your spellings:

  • play ‘make and break’ as introduced last week
  • spell the word using leaves, twigs and stones from your garden
  • look at your word-can you remember it and write it down? Then have a peak and see if you are right-use felt pens or chalks or with sticks in the mud!
  • Pipe cleaners for each letter-tricky but fun
  • Rainbow write-write the word in one colour and then go over it with another colour and then another colour.

Don’t forget your lead in letters and to join the ‘ar’ in ‘are’ and the ‘sh’ in ‘she’.

Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s:

Today we are learning about sk’ and sc’ which sound like ‘sg’ when we are sounding out a word.  I have attached two sk/sc mats that you can look at on your screen (don’t worry about printing) and write down some silly sentences making sure you use ‘sk’/’sc’ and not ‘sg’.  For example you could write ‘I scored a goal with a scone’!  The sillier the better, have some fun and make yourself giggle.


Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s: 

Count to 20 and back, go through your number flashcards-can you remember all the numbers?  Now can you put them in order from 0-20?  Play the game from Monday.

Today I would like you to explore all the different ways that you can add two numbers up to equal 16.  You need two bowls and 16 objects-this could be anything you like as long as they fit in the bowls-I like to use food, like raisens-but no eating them till you have finished or your sums wont equal 16!

Put the 16 objects into one bowl and leave the 2nd bowl empty-your first sum will be 16 +0=16.  Then put one object from the 16 bowl into the empty bowl so your next sum will be 15+1=16.  Carry on taking 1 out at a time and putting it into the other bowl and then write down your sum.  The first bowl should go down one at a time and the 2nd bowl should go one up each time.  Your 1 more/ 1 less skills should help you here, but if you are unsure just count what’s in the bowls. You could use the squared paper from yesterday to records your sums if you wish.

Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brenan's

Practise your doubles/halves, bonds to 10 and counting in2’s, 5’s and 10’s. 

Then I thought we would begin some subtraction by counting back.  Please see the attached game to play.  The game works within 10 but feel free to up the challenge to within 20.  You might need a little practise at counting back from different starting points, you could use your number flashcards to randomly pick at number to count back from-this isn’t as easy when you start from the same number each time. 

Have lots of fun Reception. Mrs Balmer