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Wednesday, 3rd June

Hi Everyone

I assume you all did well with yesterday’s work. The extracts about Life In The Trenches don’t make easy reading do they? Even though we are having to live with this awful pandemic at the moment, when you read things like that it makes us realise how lucky we all are.


Anyway, it is Wednesday 3rd June and it is …

Our Writing Morning!

I want you to re-read the sheets from yesterday about the soldiers’ experiences in the trenches. Before half term when you did the comprehension exercise based on the letters from the trenches, one of the activities was to write a reply from home.

Today, I want you to imagine you are a soldier or part of the medical team and write a letter home. Remember that the letters were censored so that you didn’t say anything about the war that would give the enemy any information that they could use to their advantage. You will need to make some other decisions though about what you put in your letter. Some soldiers/nurses were prepared to write in detail about how awful life in the trenches was, but others chose not to so that they didn’t upset their loved ones or make them even more worried about them. After you have decided which way you want to go with your letter you need to think about the ‘tone’. Yes, it will be a letter with a chatty style because you are writing to someone you know but you need to decide if you are going to come across positive about being part of the war and that you are doing this for the love of your country, or is there some anger inside you because of the hardships? Remember that some of the soldiers fighting were literally boys, some younger than 16, who had signed up to fight because they thought it was going to be exciting, other young men were forced in to going to war so that they wouldn’t be called cowards. Lots of decisions to be made before penning your ideas!

As usual – EDIT YOUR WORK!

I would love you to share your letters with me so please post them on Portfolio.

Take care of yourselves

Mrs K x