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Wednesday, 3rd June

Good Morning, 


I'm going to start with the literacy instructions today. 


Please follow the link


It is an online reading comprehension quiz testing your ability to make inferences. 


It provides multiple choice questions and then a box for you to provide an explanation. 


I want you to take your time with this especially when filling in the answer box. Think back to school and PEE. 


Your multiple choice answer is the point you are making (P)


Then, in the answer box, please try and provide evidence (E). Remember this is a direct quote/section from the text. 


Then try and back this up by explaining (E) how your evidence links to the point made.


Continue to practise spellings, I'll be setting a test on Friday. 





I have uploaded the next step in the numeracy. 


There has also been another loop card game uploaded. This time on they are based on converting fractions to decimals. 



Mr Coop.