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Wednesday, 3rd June

Did you enjoy your activities yesterday? Can you believe that we are halfway through the week already!


Today’s phonics: Please go through your reading word pack.  Did you find an exciting game to recap your phonemes?  You could try the alien game on Phonics Play for Phase 3-you need to blend to read the words to see if they are real or not real words.


Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s:  Please continue with your comic from yesterday.  You could put it on your profile when you are done so that Mrs Carr and I can read them if you wish.


Mrs Balmer/Miss Hathaway’s phonics group: Continuing with Phase 4-yesterday we learnt about ‘fl’.  There are a lot of ‘l’ blends: fl, cl, gl, sl, pl, bl, that are used at the start of words.  Today I would like you to read the words on the attached sheet and draw pictures to match.  This is so that you can practise blending to read using Phase 4 blends and Phase 3 phonemes.

Extension (should you wish)-can you list any other words on the back beginning with: fl, cl, gl, sl, pl, bl?


Alternative phonics recap activity-this is for those who do not feel ready for Phase 4 activities yet:

Using your phoneme coins from yesterday play a treasure hunt-can you find the phonemes and say them-add any to your phoneme practise tub.  Then play the alien game on Phonics play choosing Phase 3 and then a phoneme that you find tricky.



Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s:  Today I have attached a work sheet for the ‘inverse operation’ for your number bonds-so far you have learnt all the different ways of making 10 using 2 or more numbers.  Now I would like us to look at using these facts for subtraction.  So, if 8+2=10 then 10-8=2 and 10-2=8.  It would be great to do this practically rather than on the sheet, but I will leave that choice up to you.


Mrs Balmer’s/Mrs Hathaway’s:  I have attached another subtraction sheet.  This time without spots!  This time I want you to put the first number in your head and the second number on your fingers-just like the video.  As you count back put one finger down, when you run out of fingers stop, and that is your answer.  Be careful with your number formation.

Extension (should you wish)- practise any tricky number formation.


Alternative recap Numberwork-Number recognition-using two sets of number cards-pick around 3 that your child knows and 3 that they don’t know (2 sets of each).  Lay them out randomly on the floor.  Now take it in turns to pick up two cards-say the numbers (help if needed) do they match?  If yes keep the pair, if no, then put them back.  Take t in turns to choose two cards.  Keep going to you have used all of the cards.  Who has the most pairs?  Can you count them to see-don’t forget to point and touch each as you count.


  As always, have fun with your learning, Mrs Balmer😀