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Wednesday, 6th May

Hello again, Year 4! 🤩


The code cracking seemed to go down well yesterday! You amaze me with your ideas, I hope you all managed to crack everyone’s codes. 


It’s important for us to gain an understanding about WWII and hopefully as the days are progressing you’re getting to know more and more. You should now be able to answer questions like: when it began? When it ended? Who it was between? And should be experts at code breaking! Hey, no secrets get past me though!


There are lots of different areas that you can learn about WWII, each class were given areas to cover, however these are just ideas and if you want to find out more, there’s lots on the internet. 


Today, we are going to focus on an area that isn’t particularly ‘nice’, a tough time for those living in 1940/41. Find the attached ‘The Blitz’ instruction sheet that I have created. If you have any worries, or questions whilst learning about this, ask your parents – I am sure they’ll be happy to answer them.


As I’ve explained all week, all activities are WWII/VE related and whilst no direct English or maths activities are set, you are still having to use these skills to complete the tasks.  I have attached some coordinate work (a Y4 maths objective) for you to have a go at. Remember, along the corridor and up the stairs!
As well as this, using your coordinate skills, I’ve uploaded a game of ‘Battleplanes’ – my own version of Battleships! If you haven’t played this before, I am sure someone at home will be able to tell you the rules. Hope you win!


Enjoy today’s activities!


Miss K  x