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Wednesday, 6th May

Good morning all, 
The next tasks for finding the area have been uploaded. 
There is no PowerPoint today, just two activities for you to have a go at. 
VE Day 
Now you should have a better understanding of how the war started and how it impacted on so many different people's lives. If you haven't managed to do the lessons from Monday and Tuesday, I do recommend having a look at them. 
For the rest of the week, I would like you to follow where your interest takes you. 
I have uploaded 2 documents for you. They both contain lots of ideas for you to have a go at. 
Some are research based, while others require design and art. A number of the tasks can be done independently while others you may want to do as a family or with your parents, brothers and sisters. 
I don't mind which ones you have a go at but remember to share them on Dojo so, as a school, we can bring them all together with the work from the other year groups and share them.
Kind regards, 
Mr Coop.