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Wednesday, 6th May

Happy Wednesday!

Hello Reception, did you manage to practise a skill?  I’ve been trying to get better at hoola-hooping, I’m ok as long as I stay in the same place and concentrate very hard.  My daughter can walk around and eat whilst hoola-hooping!  I’m not sure I will get as good as that but I will persist with it.


Time to go back to some phonics today.

Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s:

Phoneme recap-choose one of our many games to go back over your phonemes-which has been your favourite?

This week’s phoneme is ‘ear’ which, like ‘air’ is also a word.  Please visit bbc bitesize and watch the clip for the phoneme ‘ear’.

 Our action for this sound is to touch your ear.  I have attached a booklet for ‘ear’ that you might like to complete or this week you might like to make your own ‘ear’ book instead using pictures and labels for different ‘ear’ words. Use your rhyming skills to help you to think of some words.

Extension activity: Visit: Phonicsplaycomics and read: ‘The Haircut’


Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s:

We have looked at a lot of the adjacent consonants at the start of words (initial blends), today let’s look at some end adjacent consonants (otherwise known as end blends).  It can be hard to hear the sounds at the end of a word as they tend to ‘blend’ together so today we will have a little practise at reading these blends in words using a few games.  Then you can have a try at spelling some words.

Today let’s look at: ‘ft’ as in ‘lift’, ‘nt’ as in ‘went’, ’lt’ as in ‘belt’, ’st’ as in ‘best’ and ‘pt’ as in ‘kept’

Visit: Phonicsplaycomics and read:  cvcc Phase 4 comic ‘Moon Camping’


Now let’s use our rhyming skills and write some word lists for each of the endings-how may words can you find for each? It’s easier for some than others.  I’ve attached a sheet should you need one, you could fold it up like a concertina book. Why not add some pictures if you feel like it. Parents, you might need to give your child one word to spell first that they can then rhyme with-here’s a few:

lift, shift /went, tent, bent, dent, sent/belt, felt, melt, smelt/best, west, nest, test/kept, slept, wept,

Be careful you don’t mix them up with ‘ed’ endings like ‘dressed’ and ‘sniffed’!



Number :

Mrs Balmer’s/Miss Hathaway’s group: Number flashcards to 20, number ordering to 20, can you say 1 less than a number within 20?  Now let’s recap counting on from different numbers.  Please go onto the learning section of the school website and watch the video ‘A3 Counting on-largest numbers first’.  Your video shows how to count on using their fingers for the smaller number instead of the objects as we did before.  Similar to a previous activity I want you to have two piles of numbers, one with numbers 6-10 and one with the numbers 0-5, you can put these in bags/socks or boxes to create more of a lucky dip feel.  Ask your child to pick out a number from the big number bag (6-10) then ask them to collect a number from the small number bag (0-5).  Then lay them out as an addition sum with a ‘=’ and an ‘+’ sign.  Ask them to put the bigger number in their head and the smaller number on their fingers, (just like the video) which they can then use to count on.  Have lot of practise, you can use numbers up to 9 for both numbers if you wish but make sure that they choose the biggest number to put into their head as this is quicker and more efficient.


Mrs Carr’s/Mrs Brennan’s: Daily counting 2,5,10,  and doubles.   If you know your number bonds that add up to 10, why not try finding and learning the bonds that add up to 2,3,4 and 5?  Next subtraction by counting back: please practise this skill using the game from last Thursday: Pick out a big number from the big number box first and then pick out a number from your small number box and then place them out to make a subtraction calculation e.g. 11-9= and then use your counting back skills to try to work it out.  You will need to put the big number in your head and the small number on your fingers to do this. 

Then try to complete the take away sheet that I have attached-remember to put the first number in your head (‘nod the number’) and put the second number on your fingers, putting them down as you count back.


Good luck and have fun, Mrs Balmer