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Wednesday, 8th July

Good Morning!

Here are your activities for today …


Daily recap of ‘phonics flashcards speed trial’ and ‘tricky word trucks’ on the Phonics Play website.

Today you will begin looking at prefixes. What do you think a prefix is?

A prefix is a group of letters that’s added to the beginning of a word to change its meaning.

For example, un is a prefix. When we add un to happy we get unhappy. Un means not. When added to a word, it gives the word the opposite meaning.


Your activity today is based on reading words containing the un- suffix and thinking about the meaning of those words.

What does it mean if someone is unhappy?   > They are not happy.

What does it mean if someone is unkind?      >  They are not kind.


I have attached some opposite matching cards that use the prefix -un.

For each card you need to:

  1. Independently read what it says.
  2. Match the card to its opposite e.g. happy would match unhappy.
  3. Then discuss the meaning of the words e.g. unhappy means not happy.


Parents – You will need to cut these cards out and mix them up before your child can complete this activity.




Your next few English activities will be based on a video clip called ‘Bubbles’.

Today I would like you to watch the video closely and answer VIPERS questions based on it. I know this is something that you all enjoy doing when we are in school.

I have attached a document detailing different points to stop the video and questions to ask at those points. It is important to stop the video when directed to rather than simply watching it all the way through. This enables you to practice your prediction skills effectively. I try to make it possible for most activities to be done independently, but for this activity it would be beneficial to work through with an adult. You can either run through the questions verbally as we do in school. This is generally how we get the best answers as it opens up conversations. Or you can complete the questions in writing if your prefer.

Here is the link to the video:


I have also attached two reading comprehensions as this activity may not take you the full hour.



Warm-up =

Fractions Warm-up PowerPoint.

Main Activity

Today is the final day focussing on fractions.

You have some choice in what activity you want to do today.

If you feel like you need more practice finding ½ / ¼ of a number/shape, please continue with that.

If you have grasped finding halves/quarters of shapes/numbers you can either complete the 'halves and quarters potion activity' or the 'quarter reasoning questions' (or both!).

Have a lovely day!

Miss C, Mrs P and Mrs C.