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Year 3 Email

In Year 3 we have been learning how to send emails ... and what better way to keep in touch with your classmates whilst we're off school ?!


With your parents permission, you can log into your email from home.


You need to go to: 


You will need to sign in with your username which is your first initial, a full stop and then your surname


e.g. if you were called Joe Blogs it would be



Try and have a think about your password, it's Y3 followed by the first three letters of your surname followed by your special set of 5 random numbers e.g. Y3Blo12345


If you really can't remember it, we can reset it for you - but your parents would need to email us on 

It might take us a while to respond :-)


Once you're signed in you can use OUTLOOK to send and receive emails.


Parents/carers, this is a monitored email service and Mrs Limb checks all emails before they are sent.