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2012 - 2013

During the financial year 2012 - 2013, Greenmount Primary School was allocated £6230 through Pupil Premium funding.

This additional funding was allocated:

* £1800 to Year 6 to fund booster sessions, particularly focusing on maths, and transition work to prepare the children more fully for their move to high school.

* £1350 to Year 5 to fund 1:1 and small group intervention, particularly focusing on reading and writing

* £1200 to Year 4 to fund 1:1 and small group intervention across the curriculum

* £380 to Year 3 to fund 1:1 intervention across the curriculum

* £1100 to year 2 to fund additional phonics teaching and 1:1 and small group intervention across the curriculum

The remaining money was spent on providing additional curriculum resources.

The vast majority of children who benefited from additional sessions made expected progress during the academic year.

Analysing our results from Year 6, those children who benefited from the additional sessions all made at least 2 levels progress from their KS1 starting points.

The additional resources attributed to Year 2 enabled children who had not passed the phonics screening in Year 1, to pass with high scores when they retook the test in Year 2.