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Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!

In the classroom: 

Mr D Griffith Head Teacher  
Mrs C Balmer Class Teacher - Reception SENCO
Mrs V Hathaway * Teaching Assistant - Reception  
Mrs S Carr Class Teacher - Reception / Year 1 EYFS / KS1 Manager
Mrs L Brennan * Teaching Assistant - Reception / Year 1  
Mrs F Dawson Teaching Assistant - Reception /Year 1  
Miss L Crossley Class Teacher - Year 1 / Year 2  
Mrs W Hunt Teaching Assistant - Year 1 / Year 2  
Miss K Holden Teaching Assistant (1:1) - Year 1 / Year 2  
Mrs E Cronshaw Class Teacher - Year 2 (Mon - Thurs) Curriculum Innovator
Mrs H Parkinson Class Teacher - Year 2 (Fri)  
Mrs H Vorley * Teaching Assistant - Year 2  
Mr D Geeson * Class Teacher - Year 3 Subject Leader - Science
Mrs A Bowler Teaching Assistant - Year 3 HLTA - French teacher
Miss C Kunce Class Teacher - Year 4 Subject Leader - English
Mrs S Eddleston * Teaching Assistant - Year 4 Cookery teacher
Mrs L Fitzpatrick Teaching Assistant (1:1) - Year 4  
Mr B Coop * Class Teacher - Year 5  
Mrs S Holden Teaching Assistant - Year 5  
Mrs C Kenyon Class Teacher - Year 6 Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs D Limb Teaching Assistant - Year 6 HLTA - Computing teacher
Mrs D Rowland Support teacher and PPA cover (Juniors)  
Mrs S Marsden Support teacher and PPA cover (Infants)  
Mr S Ashworth PPA cover (Sport)  


In the office:

Mrs G Cross Business Manager Mrs K Rothwell School Administrator


Looking after us at lunchtime:

Mrs Y Haslam * Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs Y Latham * Mrs J Rafferty Mrs A Oghabon Mrs F Martin * Ms D Bowden
Mrs G Atkinson Mrs L Higginson * Mrs S Coyne Mrs S Austin SportsCool


At GOOSE (Before/After School Club):

Manager Ms K Baker * Deputy Manager

Mrs P Massey *

Playworkers Mrs B Wainwright * Miss C Harvey * Mrs G Smith
Mrs F Martin * Mrs J Rafferty Miss M Watt
Mrs V Hathaway * Miss E Bailey-Turner  


= First Aider


Looking after our building:

Caretaker Mr R Sagar
Cleaners Mrs S Barker Vacancy


Providing our school meals:

Supervisor Mrs L Wood Assistant Supervisor Mrs D Gore
Assistants Mrs R Turner Miss G Spencer Mrs D Bache