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Assessment takes place at frequent intervals throughout the year. This is an ongoing process which children get used to and are not anxious about at all. Teachers are continually assessing to inform the planning of what your child needs to learn next.


Some of the assessment that you may become more aware of are as follows:

  • Ongoing observations and assessments as part of the Early Years Profile
  • Miscue reading tests which inform teachers of the level children are reading at particularly at the earlier stages of reading
  • Statutory Phonics Screening Check (year 1)
  • Weekly spelling tests (years 3 to 6)
  • Weekly number tests including the times tables (years 3 to 6)
  • Termly assessments in Writing, Reading and Mathematics
  • Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs) for Year 2 and Year 6



Assessment feeds into the teaching programme for your child and also into the target setting, recording and reporting process.

In October and March, we will share with you the targets that have been set for your child. Whilst children are in reception year your child’s class teacher will contact you to come into school during the spring term and discuss your child’s progress and to be able to spend a short time in the classroom with your child. Parents have found this session very useful and a lovely way to see their child in action in the classroom.

In all other year groups we hold a parents evening in the spring term to be able to update parent on their child’s progress towards targets set in October.

 In July each year your child’s progress in all areas of the curriculum will be reported to you. If there are any areas of concern you may wish to discuss the report with your child’s class teacher. However, this is not normally necessary.

If however, either your child’s teacher or you are concerned about your child’s learning at any time during the school year then discussion between parent and teacher should take place. Please contact your child’s teacher in the first instance and they will be happy to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.