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How much we have been allocated and how we intend to use our funding

We have £1,069 rolled over from 2020-2021.


We intend to use £900 of this to fund our catch-up swimming programme which is planned for June 2022. 


We are also expecting an additional £18,040 of funding - waiting for confirmation.


This would bring the total to spend to £18,209


We would intend to allocate this to:


£17,333 to fund our Sports Coach to:

* Team teach P.E. lessons across school, providing class teachers with CPD to support their own teaching of P.E. 

* Provide after-school activities 3 evenings per week

* Provide 3 lunchtime activity clubs to further increase levels of physical activity

* Provide 1:1 and small group interventions for some of our children with SEND to provide sensory breaks and training in fine and gross motor skills


This leaves £876 which would be used to either:

* Enter school-school competitions (when/if these restart)

* Provide additional resources