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Greenmount -

a Pathway to Success


"Leaders have designed an ambitious curriculum that ignites pupils’ curiosity.

Leaders are ambitious for pupils to achieve success in their learning.  Staff have high expectations for all pupils, including pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

Leaders are equally ambitious for pupils to develop into well-rounded citizens."

(Ofsted, October 2019)


For further information about the curriculum, please speak initially to your child's class teacher.  For members of the public or further information for parents, please contact the head teacher


We provide a creative, exciting and engaging curriculum which will enable our children to gain the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to develop as educated, well-balanced citizens in our ever-changing world.

With learning that takes place both indoors and outdoors, children will learn to believe in themselves, understanding how they can develop a growth mindset and care for their own well-being.



The National Curriculum (2014) is the basis of our curriculum but this has been enhanced by staff and it evolves each year to ensure it meets the needs of our children.   Subjects are taught discretely so that children develop an understanding of the different academic disciplines on the National Curriculum.  However, each class has a termly or half-termly topic where natural (not tenuous) links are made between subjects.  Whilst Class Teachers teach the majority of subjects to their own classes, we take advantage of the skills of our other staff to provide some specialist subject teaching (French, PE, Cookery, Science UKS2).

Our school's accessibility plan sets out how over time we will increase the extent to which disabled pupils participate in the school's curriculum.

We review our curriculum on an annual basis.  Our curriculum, year by year and for each subject, is detailed above.  As there are times when we have to mix our Year One and Year Two groups, there is a two-year rolling curriculum for these year groups. 


For further information about the curriculum, please speak initially to your child's class teacher.  For further information, please contact the head teacher