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It can be quite difficult deciding if your child is fit or not for school. 

However some rough guidelines below may help.


Reasons for keeping a child at home:

Your child:

  • has lost sleep during the night due to coughing / high temperature
  • has a high temperature
  • has vomited (Must remain off school site for 48hrs after last session)
  • has diarrhoea (Must remain off school site for 48hrs after last session)
  • cannot eat breakfast
  • has a rash which you cannot identify or which you know is infectious (Please take to GP) and check with school the isolation period from school.

Usually, if you send your child to school with any of the above we will be in contact with you early in the morning to collect and take home because they are usually genuinely ill.

However, if your child has eaten breakfast and they just seem to have a common cold then send them into school and if they can’t cope we will get in touch with you or an alternative contact to collect and give them TLC at home. Please note that we are unable to sit with a sick child unless they quite obviously have dangerous symptoms. We continue to monitor their condition approx every 10 minutes. Please collect children promptly because young children can easily become distressed when they are poorly. Thank you.


If your child has an ongoing medical condition please make an appointment to meet with Mr Griffith so that an individual care plan can be formulated. 


Our policy on Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions can be found on our Policies page (link below):