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Year One / Year Two : Year A 2022 - 2023

UnitThe children will learn
What is the same and different about us ?

what they like/dislike and are good at

what makes them special and how everyone has different strengths

how their personal features or qualities are unique to them how they are similar or different to others, and what they have in common

to use the correct names for the main parts of the body, including external genitalia; and that parts of bodies covered with underwear are private
What is bullying ?

how words and actions can affect how people feel

how to ask for and give/not give permission regarding physical contact and how to respond if physical contact makes them uncomfortable or unsafe

why name-calling, hurtful teasing, bulling and deliberately excluding others is unacceptable

how to respond if this happens in different situations how to report bullying or other hurtful behaviour, including online, to a trusted adult and the importance of doing so
What jobs do people do ?

how jobs help people earn money to pay for things they need and want

about a range of different jobs, including those done by people they know or people who work in their community

how people have different strengths and interests that enable them to do different jobs

how people use the internet and digital devices in their jobs and everyday life
How do we recognise our feelings ?

how to recognise, name and describe a range of feelings what helps them to feel good, or better if not feeling good how different things / times / experiences can bring about different feelings for different people (including loss, change and bereavement or moving on to a new class/year group) how feelings can affect people in their bodies and their behaviour

ways to manage big feelings and the importance of sharing their feelings with someone they trust

how to recognise when they might need help with feelings and how to ask for help when they need it
Who helps to keep us safe ?

that people have different roles in the community to help them (and others) keep safe - the jobs they do and how they help people

who can help them in different places and situations; how to attract someone’s attention or ask for help; what to say how to respond safely to adults they don’t know what to do if they feel unsafe or worried for themselves or others; and the importance of keeping on asking for support until they are heard

how to get help if there is an accident and someone is hurt, including how to dial 999 in an emergency and what to say
What can we do with money ?

what money is - that money comes in different forms how money is obtained (e.g. earned, won, borrowed, presents) how people make choices about what to do with money, including spending and saving

the difference between needs and wants - that people may not always be able to have the things they want

how to keep money safe and the different ways of doing this