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Year Two

Structures (combined with textiles)

  • that there are different types of puppets

  • that puppets are made up of different parts   

  • to make simple drawings and label parts 

  • basic sewing techniques 

  • to use a template to mark out identical pieces of fabric  

  • to compare joining techniques  

  • simple vocabulary associated with the use of textiles 

  • that ideas for their own designs can be developed by looking at a selection of puppets  

  • to identify simple design criteria  

  • to model their ideas by making a paper mock-up  

  • to mark out, cut and join fabric pieces to make the main part of their puppet  

  • to use appropriate finishing techniques  

  • to evaluate against design criteria




  • that a winding mechanism has an axle that turns and a handle
  • to observe carefully what happens when such a mechanism works
  • to make simple drawings to show how the mechanism works
  • techniques for making winding mechanisms
  • to use tools accurately and safely
  • to investigate and evaluate ways of making characters for the toy
  • to identify criteria for their design
  • to select tools and materials and use correct vocabulary to name and describe them
  • to assemble, join and combine materials to make a winding mechanism
  • to understand the need for a stable structure to support a mechanism
  • to evaluate against design criteria


Cooking and Nutrition