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How much we have been allocated and how we intend to use our funding

Our allocation for 2022-2023 is £18,150


We intend to spend this on:


£11,145 to fund part our Sports' Coach role to provide:

* CPD for teachers new to school or new to year groups - our Sports Coach will lead lessons alongside these teachers to upskill them for future years 

* after-school clubs in a wide variety of sports for all year groups across school

* training and support for a team of Year 6 Play Leaders to enable our younger children to be more active at lunchtimes 

* cycling teaching to Year 6 pupils and other year groups as time allows 


£852  to provide additional staffing for after-school clubs for Reception aged children 


£2,740 to subsidise sports camps and football camps during school holidays 


£1,000 to provide top-up swimming lessons for our children in Years 5 and 6 (this is in addition to our usual swimming teaching in Year 4 which is paid for from the school budget)


£700  to provide each class with a set of resources to increase activity at playtimes


£1,713 to be allocated