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Year 1



Je m'appelle (I'm called)

Further greetings

J'ai cinq ans / J'ai six ans (Im 5 / 6)

J'ai un frère / J'ai une soeur (I've got a brother/sister)

Further greetings

Ca va ?

Parts of the face

Year 2

J'habite à (I live in)

Days and months

Classroom objects

Places in town 


Ice cream flavours

Weather expressions

School clothing 

Je porte (I'm wearing)

Year 3


Je porte (I'm wearing)

Il porte/elle porte (he/she is wearing)

Buildings/place in town



Rooms and furniture in the house

Il y a (there is/there are)

C'est (it is)

Ca fait combien ? (how much is it?)

Merci (thank you)

Year 4

Phrases to express likes/dislikes


Variety of pass-times

Phrases to express likes/dislikes

Parce-que (because)

Foods and drinks

Manger (to eat) Boire (to drink)

Eight compass points

Year 5

Revision of numbers


School subjects

Phrases to express likes/dislikes 

Time to 5 minutes 

Names of countries, nationalities and languages 

How to say where I live, what nationality I am and what languages I speak

Donc (so), Mais (but), Et aussi (also)


Common circus activities 

Weather expressions


Eight compass points 

Year 6

Numbers to 10,000

Days and months

Time to 1 minute


Personal pronouns 

Variety of -er verbs 

The four seasons

Weather expressions 

European countries 



8 compass points

Physical and human features of Paris

Foods and drinks





Vocab specific to the 14th July celebrations


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Once bilingual dictionaries are introduced in Year 3, they are used regularly so that the children can:

* use pre=prepared vocabulary lists found in the centre of the dictionaries

* generate their own vocabulary lists for a particular topic (using the English to French section)

* translate into English any French words that they read