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Generally speaking, jewellery is best kept at home. School will not accept responsibility for any lost / damaged / stolen jewellery unless it has been stored with a teacher.

Jewellery which is acceptable in school is as follows:


A watch (this should not have any facility to make calls, browse the internet etc).

One pair of stud earrings not hoops.


However, please note:

  • All jewellery must be removed, by the child, for PE lessons.
  • Children must take part in PE lessons wherever possible – this should not be because they cannot remove jewellery. Best keep jewellery at home on PE days.
  • If jewellery is not handed in to the teacher for safekeeping school will not accept responsibility for any lost / damaged / stolen items.


If parents wish for their child to have ears pierced – please keep this activity to the beginning of the summer holiday. This timing allows the piercing to heal and your child to be able to remove jewellery for a day.   PE and swimming lessons are part of the National Curriculum and all children should take part whenever possible.