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Sticky Knowledge

 Sticky Knowledge

Fighting Fit


Bonfire Night


Castles from the past




Year 1 / Year 2 : Year A

Marvellous Magical Me

When were you born ?
How have you changed since you were born ?

Let's Celebrate

Who was Guy Fawkes and what did he do ?
How do we remember and celebrate his story ?
Why do we celebrate Remembrance Day ?

A Tale of Two Cities

Who was Emmeline Pankhurst and what did she do?
How is she remembered?
Can you recall the main events of the Great Fire of London- Who, What, When, Where and How?  

Are you sitting comfortably ?

Can you name a manmade material and who invented it?

Year 1 / Year 2 : Year B

Fighting Fit

Who was Mary Seacole (or others) and what did she do ? 

Let's Celebrate

Why do we celebrate Remembrance Day ?
What do we do on Remembrance Day ?

Why do the Americans celebrate Thanksgiving ?

Features and Creatures

Can you tell me about the journey of one of the famous polar explorers ?

Hooray, hooray, it's a holi-holiday

What could you do on holiday in Victorian Blackpool ? 
Who was Billy Butlin and why is he famous ?

Year 3

From the Stone Age to the Iron Age

What does BC and AD mean?  

What are the three important periods of this time?  

What does prehistory mean?  
How did people survive in the stone age?  

What is the famous monument located in England?  
How do we know about this period when people didn’t read or write?

How did life begin to change as people learned new skills?

The Romans

Who lived in Britain before the Romans?  

Why did the Romans want to invade Britain?  
When did the Romans invade Britain?  

Why was the Roman army so strong and    successful?  

How did the Romans change Britain for the better?  

What happened to Boudicca and her tribe when they tried to stand up to the Romans?

Year 4

The Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and Scots

Can you name some of the different tribes of Anglo-Saxons?     

What happened when the Vikings invaded Lindisfarne?
Where did the Vikings come from?              

Why did the Vikings leave Britain?
Why did the Vikings want to invade Britain?            

Can you name some Anglo-Saxon kingdoms?
Did the Vikings have horns on their helmets?            

Why did the Anglo-Saxon period end?

Year 5

The Ancient Egyptians

Who was the famous Pharaoh ?

When did the ancient Egyptians live ?

Why was ancient Egypt the gift of the Nile ?

What was a Pharaoh ?

Why did they build pyramids ?

Describe the process of mummification 

Can you name some ancient Egyptian gods ?

The Industrial North

When was the Victorian era? 

What was the industrial revolution? 

What impact did the industrial revolution have on Britain? 

What were some of the important inventions of the Victorian era? 

How and why did the local area change during the Victorian era?

Who was Dr Barnardo? 

What jobs did children do? 

The Groovy Greeks

When was the ancient Greek period? 
Can you name some of the gods that the ancient Greeks worshipped? 

Name some of the events at the Olympics.  

What were the important city states? 
What is the name of the most famous Greek temple? 

Year 6

Mexico and The Maya

When was the Maya period?  
Which other civilisations occurred at the same time?  
What different levels of society were there within the Maya civilisation?  
What were achievements in number and writing? 

The World at War

What were the main causes of WW1?  

What jobs did Women complete during WW1?

Why did the Second World War start?

How was Europe ruled before the start of WW2?

How did Hitler expand Germany?
What major victories led to Britain winning the war?
Why were children evacuated to rural settings? 

Crime and Punishment

What is crime and punishment?

What was crime and punishment like in Roman Britain?

What was crime and punishment like in the Anglo-Saxon period?

What was crime and punishment like in the Tudor period?

What was crime and punishment like in the Stuart period?

What was crime and punishment like in the Victorian Period?

How did the Police force develop through the 20th Century?

What are crime and punishment like today compared with the past?

Why is rehabilitation important?

How have technological advances helped catch criminals?