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Year One / Year Two : Year B 2023 - 2024

UnitThe children will learn
What helps us to grow and stay healthy ?

what being healthy means and who helps help them to stay healthy (e.g. parent, dentist, doctor)

that things people put into or onto their bodies can affect how they feel

how medicines (including vaccinations and immunisations) can help people stay healthy and that some people need to take medicines every day to stay healthy

why hygiene is important and how simple hygiene routines can stop germs from being passed on

what they can do to take care of themselves on a daily basis, e.g. brushing teeth and hair, hand washing

Who is special to us ?

that family is one of the groups they belong to, as well as, for example, school, friends, clubs about the different people in their family / those that love and care for them what their family members, or people that are special to them, do to make them feel loved and cared for how families are all different but share common features – what is the same and different about them about different features of family life, including what families do

/ enjoy together that it is important to tell someone (such as their teacher) if something about their family makes them feel unhappy or worried
How can we look after each other and the world ?

how kind and unkind behaviour can affect others; how to be polite and courteous; how to play and work co-operatively the responsibilities they have in and out of the classroom how people and animals need to be looked after and cared for what can harm the local and global environment; how they and others can help care for it

how people grow and change and how people’s needs change as they grow from young to old

how to manage change when moving to a new class/year group
What makes a good friend ?

how to make friends with others

how to recognise when they feel lonely and what they could do about it

how people behave when they are being friendly and what makes a good friend

how to resolve arguments that can occur in friendships how to ask for help if a friendship is making them unhappy
What helps to keep us safe ?

how rules and restrictions help them to keep safe (e.g. basic road, fire, cycle, water safety; in relation to medicines/ household products and online)

how to identify risky and potentially unsafe situations (in familiar and unfamiliar environments, including online) and take steps to avoid or remove themselves from them

how to resist pressure to do something that makes them feel unsafe or uncomfortable, including keeping secrets

how not everything they see online is true or trustworthy and that people can pretend to be someone they are not

how to tell a trusted adult if they are worried for themselves or others, worried that something is unsafe or if they come across something that scares or concerns them