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Social Networking Sites

Parental advice on contacting social media sites

It’s so easy for young people to share online, that sometimes they might post something and wish that they hadn’t.

If your child has posted something that they regret online you should advise them to delete it from their account as quickly as they can.

What if someone else has posted something about your child?

Most websites provide an option for users to report to them to request removal of ‘content’ – such as videos, pictures, comments or profiles – that might be upsetting. Take screen shots of any upsetting content.

It’s important to know that making a report doesn’t mean the content will definitely be removed.

Most websites, including social media sites, have a set of rules - 'Terms of Use' - which they expect people using their site to obey. You or your child should check if any of the rules have been broken because websites will only take content down if this is the case.