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Messages to Staff

Messages handed into or left with school office staff will be passed onto staff promptly. If you find that you need to speak with a member of staff please try to do this at the end of the school day if at all possible. Staff are busy in the mornings ensuring that they are ready for your child’s learning opportunities.

Staff must be in classrooms available to supervise all children from 8.50am. If however, your need is urgent please ask to see Mr Griffith who will be able to deal with your query or problem as soon as possible.

Class teachers will be only too happy to arrange to see you at the end of the day.

Infant parents could easily slip a message in to the child’s Reading Record book if it is of a less urgent nature.

Whilst there is a messaging function on Class Dojo, staff are not expected to respond to messages outside of working hours or during the taught day. 

Messages can be left for staff by telephoning the school office,


There is also the facility to contact staff members via email on the contact us page.