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Growth Mindset and Habits of Mind

Our mindset is the way that we look at and approach all aspects of our life and learning. 

Having a growth-oriented mindset means that we have the belief that we can work hard and improve. 

Our mindset changes constantly.  We can be thinking "I won't do it" or "I can't do it" about one task one moment, whilst a moment later we can be thinking about another task and thinking "I can do this" and "I will do this".

Our mindset is therefore on a continuum from "fixed" to "growth".

As we move towards a more growth-oriented mindset, we focus on four blocks of learning which help us improve:

* challenge

* effort

* feedback

* learning from mistakes

As we move along the continuum, towards a more growth-oriented mindset, we use many of the "Habits of Mind" to help us improve.

Our school rules are based around our Growth Mindset philosophy:



The "Habits of Mind" are 16 habits of successful people.  As we are growth oriented, we are constantly trying to improve and become more successful ... the habits help us and become part of our attitudes towards our learning.   


They're like a tool box of different strategies we can use to help us think through and solve problems.

The problem could be to do with our work, our friendships, our behaviour ... in fact anything that we're faced with !


You can find out more about "Habits of Mind" by watching the videos at the bottom of this page.


As we introduce each "habit", we will add a page all about it below (just follow the swirls !).


As we introduce each habit, the children will take part in different activities to explore what each habit means.  


The 16 Habits of Mind

What are the Habits of Mind ?

This video is part of a longer series of interviews with Art Costa called "Insights into Habits of Mind". In this short video Art Costa provides a brief definition of the Habits of Mind. Discover more about the Habits of Mind at