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The impact of our funding

Our allocation for 2017 - 2018 was £18,130.

This was double what we had expected when we published our initial plans in April 2017.


£4,095 will have been spent on providing lunch time sports activities (3 days per week).  A qualified sports coach works with one of our junior year groups providing skills sessions and football tournaments.   This also enables one of our midday supervisors to be released to supervise hockey and basketball tournaments.  

Impact: on average, we have 40 children engaged in structured sporting activities each lunchtime.

Sustainability: employing our own Sports Coach from September 2018 will enable this structured sporting activity to be offered 5 days week.  


£3,250 will have been spent on providing additional after-school clubs from an outside provider (1 per week for infants, 1 per week for juniors).  

Impact: every infant child (106) has been attended at least 1 half term of paid extra-curricular sport over the course of the year.  The junior children in years 3 and 4 have had additional opportunities to have funded places for after-school clubs.  Years 3 and 4 have traditionally missed out on opportunities.

The number of children attending extra-curricular clubs is detailed on our School Games Mark pages:

Academic year 2016 - 2017:

Academic year 2017 - 2018:

Sustainability: employing our own Sports Coach from September 2018 will enable these additional clubs (and more) to be offered to pupils.


£3,338 will have been spent on participation in the Commando Joe's programme.  Focusing on the "Outdoor and Adventurous" strand of the P.E. curriculum, our commando has worked across three areas through the P.E. and Sports Premium funding:

* Working alongside school staff (Y1 to Y6) to plan and deliver P.E. sessions with physical and mental challenges developing team working skills 

* Training and mentoring a group of Y5 pupils to become lunchtime Sports Leaders (Junior Joes)

* Offering a "Commando Joe's Challenges" club with a focus on fitness and problem solving skills, open to all children but aimed at those who are less likely to attend traditional sports clubs

Impact: the impact reports from the programme show that pupils are becoming more resilient to challenge and making mistakes (a significant factor for future sporting success). 

Children who are less likely to take an active role in traditional sports activities are participating more willingly in the outdoor and adventurous activities. 

Staff are beginning to use some of the activities as warm-up or cool-down activities in other P.E. lessons. 

Children who would not normally engage extra-curricular activities have attended the after-school clubs 

Sustainability: staff are trained and equipped to integrate this strand of the P.E. curriculum into other P.E. lessons


£600 will be spent on our annual Healthy Week.

We intend to fund:

* Aerobic workshops provided by Freddy Fit 

* Tennis coaching at Holcombe Brook Tennis Club 

* Nordic Walking sessions 

Impact: during the 4 days of Healthy Week, the children in school took part in 20 different health and fitness related activities (including the ones above).  The children were highly engaged and enjoyed all of the activities planned.  

Sustainability: Similar one-off activities will be planned in future Healthy Weeks to inspire the children to take up new activities.  


£3,064 will be spent on outdoor storage for P.E. equipment.

Impact: our current, limited, storage for P.E. equipment inhibits outdoor P.E. lessons.  Out outdoors provides the optimum space for P.E. lessons but the difficulties (highlighted by Ofsted) of carrying equipment outside for lessons means that sometimes participation levels are not as high as they could be.  Accessible equipment will mean more time focused on activity and higher levels of participation as more equipment will be readily available.  

Sustainability: it is important that we use future funding to ensure that the resources that are stored outside are replenished to maintain high levels of participation.  Additional storage will mean that we can also introduce new sports as funding allows. 


£2,490 has been spent on an additional "multi goal area" to be installed in September on the top yard.  

Impact: this will provide a dedicated, all year-round, playing area for a variety of sports (hockey, football, basketball) which will be used to increase activity levels at lunchtimes/breaktimes; during P.E. lessons; for extra-curricular clubs; by our before/after school club. 

Sustainability: the multi goal areas are solid structures with an expected life of 20 years.


£600 was spent on working with a local company "Premier Trails" to trial a structured P.E. programme for schools designed to equip primary school children with a range of outdoor skills as well as working on a range of transferable skills to help improve in other areas of their sporting and educational development.

Impact: school staff were able to work alongside an experienced fitness coach to develop their understanding of how physical activity impacts on fitness and build up a bank of activities that can be used in the future to enhance physical activity across the curriculum 

Sustainability:  staff are trained and equipped to integrate this strand of the P.E. curriculum into other P.E. lessons.  This is supporting us in developing more activity across the school day. 


The final £693 will be spent on resources including a comprehensive Scheme of Work for P.E. 

Impact: The new scheme of work has been purchased (£350) which will provide all staff with a comprehensive and progressive scheme to use from September 2018.  The remaining amount was spent to improve resources (some replacements of worn out equipment) and new equipment e.g. table tennis equipment which will be used as an indoor activity for games lessons when the weather is bad. 



35/35 (100%) of our Year 6 children can confidently swim 25+ metres.. 


34/35 (97%) of our Year 6 children can swim a range of strokes efficiently and effectively.


26/35 (74%) of our Year 6 children are confident in performing safe self-rescue in different water-based situations. 


Our most recent assessments show the following percentages of children are assessed as meeting Age Related Expectations or above for P.E. 

Year Group Below Age Related Expectation At or above Age Related Expectation Above Age Related Expectation
Reception 0% 100% 32%
Year 1 3% 97% 17%
Year 2 8% 92% 17%
Year 3 0% 100% 20%
Year 4 0% 100% 8%
Year 5 11% 89% 11%
Year 6 3% 97% 8%


We were awarded the Silver School Games Mark at the end of the 2016/2017 academic year.  We are currently working towards the Gold Mark. 



The activities described above form part of our long term plan to increase participation in school sport and P.E., promoting active lifestyles with our children.  Regular spending on resources ensures that P.E. lessons can remain active for all children.  

As part of our work towards the Sainsbury's School Games Mark we are tracking pupil participation. 

With continued investment from the Sports Premium we will be able to sustain our extra curricular provision.