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Summer Term


Following on from their topic on The Stone Age to The Iron Age, the children will continue their chronological study of early British history, by studying the Romans and the impact which this period had on our country.  The children will find out who the Romans were and where they came from, starting off by looking at the legend of Romulus and Remus.  Their developing mapping skills and locational knowledge will allow the children to identify Rome, Italy and the early Roman empire in atlases.   

The children will study the reasons for Julius Caesar’s failed attempt at invasion in 55-54BC and how the Romans learned from this to launch a successful invasion in AD 43 under the leadership of Claudius.   The children will also look at how important the Roman army was to establishing their empire.

The children will look at how new technologies brought and developed by the Romans and Roman culture had an impact on British society which still exists today. Finally, the children will also look at how specific groups of “Brits” tried to resist Roman rule, looking at the reasons behind Boudicca’s rebellion.

 In art and design, the children will study the architecture of Ancient Rome and use this as a stimulus to develop their drawing skills.