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Greenmount -

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Assemblies take place every day, but in a different way.

  • We tell stories to demonstrate values and morals.
  • We celebrate children’s successes both at school and home, individually and collectively.
  • We say prayers and children choose to join in if they wish to yet at the same time respecting each others wishes.
  • We meet as a whole school, key stages and class bases to enhance children’s understanding age appropriately.
  • We sing songs to celebrate, show our thankfulness and help the children explore the assembly’s theme.

Children learn both formal and informal ways of interacting in assemblies. This equips them for many life experiences outside of school life. Though our assemblies are mainly Christian in nature, no child is expected to respond in a specifically religious way. Parents do have a right to withdraw their child from collective worship, but please discuss this with the head-teacher before you make this decision. I feel sure that we will be able to alleviate your concerns.