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Greenmount -

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Brent-James Pinder

I'm in my second term as the Local Authority governor and was nominated by Bury Council.

Away from Greenmount Primary, I work as Front of House at a performing arts venue and have media production company. I have had strong involvement with youth provisions across Bury and representing our borough's young people locally, regionally and nationally. I have experience of Bury’s third sector, especially in the promotion of equality and diversity, which is a big issue close to my heart as a member of Bury’s BAME community. I have no tolerance for any attempt to treat people less favourably because of their protected characteristics and these beliefs assist me in any work I do including as a governor.

During my own school years, I struggled to come to terms with my Disabilities (SEND), which at times left me feeling ostracised with no support within school and now as a parent I have two children at GPS who have SEND and I feel it is my duty to ensure the school is flexible and supports every child’s personal needs no matter how significant they are.


Greenmount Primary School always goes above and beyond to support our pupils reach and outperform their targets, this is despite financial constraints placed on the school, which only champions the school's committed staff on overcoming obstacles to serve the children.