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Year One


Know how dots can be used to make something look darker/lighter.   

Know that a pencil grip can change how marks are applied on a surface. E.g. held closely to the tip increases the amount of control you have.  

Know that when you hold a pencil close to the tip, will increase control and detail.  

Know what hatching is and its effect in making drawings.  

Know the effect of diagonal and vertical lines when drawing.  

Know that pencils have different grades. HB is used for writing and sketching.   

Apply sketched lines to record initial ideas.  

Apply lines that follow basic contours and outlines of shapes from observation.  

Apply different tones (dark, mid and light) by a change in pressure.  

Add detail into a drawing by using horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines or dots and know these terms. 

Know how to draw a face and a closer study of the eye. 

Learn how to look carefully and to draw what you see not what you think you see. 

Know that paintbrushes can differ in appearance and can create different effects.

Know that if the paintbrush is held more tightly, will improve control.

Hold the paintbrush close to the tip for control and detail, hold the paintbrush further towards the end for loose mark making. 

Apply lines that follow basic contours and outlines of shapes from observation.

Know that simple shapes combine to create an overall picture.

Know that refining lines means to make them more accurate.

Know that paints can be thick/thin in consistency and create different effects.  E.g. background wash

Know what a wash is.

Know that when adding white to a colour, its value becomes lighter (known as tint)

Know that when adding black (or a darker colour such as purple) makes its colour or value darker. This is known as shade.

Talk about light, mid and dark values of colour.

Knows that red, blue and yellow are primary colours.

Know what a still life is.

Collect ideas from different paintings and portrayals of sunflowers: Van Gogh, Klimt, Monet.

Create a painting using different brush strokes that depict sunflowers in different ways.

Know what composition means.

Describe the composition in different artists’ work about sunflowers.

Refine lines to make them more accurate by using controlled application.

Know what the outline in black does to something on the picture.

Mix and then apply different tones and values (dark, mid and light) by adding white or black to a colour.

Know that different materials make different impressions in clay, playdough etc.

Look at the effect of pressing natural materials into playdough e.g. sticks, seeds, acorns, leaves, berries.

Know how to score shapes and ridges into soft materials.

Imprint a clay/playdough tile with natural materials. Know how to make a relief.

End piecePencil study of an eyeSunflowersClay relief with natural objects
Artist  etcM S EscherVan GoghAndy Goldworthy