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Behaviour Management

Our aim is that by the time children leave us at Greenmount Primary School they are able to make an informed decision about the choices they make regarding their behaviour and that hopefully they will be able to make the right decision! Our school is a happy place where children feel safe and content to come to school every day. There are so many opportunities for children to succeed and receive praise in school. (Please see the section on rewards).

Children respond to praise first and foremost and this is our first strategy.

We teach children that we must respect each other and if our actions do not help others but hinder or hurt someone else then that behaviour is wrong.

We do not expect that children will use physical means to resolve disagreements or that they call names and use put downs to gain power over someone else.

Our expectation is that age – appropriately, children will be develop their own self – discipline. However, this doesn’t happen by magic and we don’t sport magic wands. Our first response is to use praise to celebrate the correct behaviour being displayed by children.


Children need to be taught about the right choices of behaviour, about moral and values led codes. Our belief is that we do this in partnership with parents. At school we teach about right and wrong in assemblies, in personal and social education lessons, informally with children and also when a mistake is made we consider with the children what the alternatives were and which would have been the better choice and why. So we consider with children what they should have done. Often this is all that is needed.

However, there are rare occasions when children should have known better and have demonstrated that they have knowingly broken our code of behaviour by making the wrong choice of action.

We then employ sanctions, which are hierarchical in nature.  We will inform parents if there is a serious incident or should a pattern of behaviour develop.


We use an online system for recording positive behaviour.  The Class Dojo system allows teachers to award green Dojos for positive behaviours.  The children are rewarded when they reach a milestone of Dojo points.  Parents can sign up to the Dojo system and receive regular reports of their child’s Dojo points and information about why certain points were awarded.  


Our school's Behaviour Policy can be found on the Policies page.