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We adhere to the DfE's regulations for serving food which are outlined in the document "School Food in England" which can be downloaded below.

Every type of food that we serve and the frequency that we serve it meets the demands of these regulations.  We also take into acount individual children's culture and food allergies.  Information about which allergens are in the foods that we serve is available from members of staff.

Water and fruit are available at all times in GOOSE.

There are also National and International Celebration Days which we might observe with different foods, please ask for details.

Afternoon snack choices:


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Week beginning 


Jelly Baked Beans Sweetcorn Nachos Toast

Week beginning


Tinned Spaghetti Sweetcorn Nachos Pasta Toast

Week beginning


Sweetcorn Cheesy snacks Rice Jelly Toast

Week beginning


Nachos Pasta Angel delight Soup Toast

Week beginning


Rice Jelly Soup Nachos Closed






There are always vegetarian options and children's dietary needs are always catered for.