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Spring Term


Following on from their studies of more recent history in Key Stage 1, the children will begin to learn about the earliest periods of British history, namely the Stone Age, Bronze Age and  Iron Age. 

The main focus will be about how society within these times varied greatly from today and how this developed in diversity from people leading solitary hunter-gatherer existences at the start of the period, to living more communally and developing farming techniques as the period progressed into the Bronze Age and Iron Age.

The children will also learn how religion, technology and travel influenced this period and how by the end of it large tribes and kingdoms had developed.

In Art and Design, children will learn that coil pots were produced during this period.  They will learn how to sculpt using this technique, adding handles and relief.  They will study the work of a modern sculptor, Grayson Perry, who continues to use this coil pot method in his work.