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Greenmount -

a Pathway to Success

Year One


  • that simple levers and sliding mechanisms can be used to create movement
  • that levers are used in products eg scissors, balances and moving books
  • to use drawings to represent products
  • that construction kits can be used to try out ideas
  • to make simple sliding and lever mechanisms
  • how to use tools eg scissors and a hole punch safely
  • to suggest ideas and explain what they are going to do
  • to model their ideas in card and paper
  • to make their design using appropriate techniques
  • to evaluate their product by discussing how well it works in relation to the purpose



  • to relate the way things work to their intended purpose
  • how materials and components have been used, people’s needs, and what other users say about them
  • to collect and sort information
  • basic joining techniques for 3D modelling using glues and masking tape
  • to make simple hinges
  • how to make structures more stable
  • to use construction kits to aid modelling
  • to recognise shapes and their application in simple structures
  • to draw on their own experience to help generate ideas
  • to use the appropriate vocabulary for naming and describing the equipment, materials and components they use
  • to make models which reflect their ideas
  • to evaluate their products as they are developed, identifying strengths and possible changes they might make


Cooking and Nutrition