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Year 1Autumn

Count to 10

Say rougebleu and jaune

Say un lapin, un chat, un chien and une vache

Use bonjour and au-revoir in response to another

Say what my name is using Je m'appelle **


Count up to 15

Say vert and orange

Use salut and à bientôt in response to another

Say how old I am using J'ai cinq / six ans

Say how many brothers /sisters I have e.g. J'ai un frère / une soeur


Count up to 20

Say violet

Use à demain in response to another

Say how I'm feeling - ça va (I'm fine)

Say the parts of the face J'ai une tête, J'ai un nez, J'ai deux yeux


Year 2Autumn

Count to 30

Say noir and blanc

Say the names of some classroom objects

Say where I live using J'habite à **

Say some of the days of the week and months of the year

Say e.g. c'est un crayon  (it's a pencil); il y a deux règles bleues (there are two blue rulers)


Count to 40

Say rose, noir and blanc

Say where a place is, responding to the question Où est la gare ? (where is the station ?) with a response such as La gare est à droite (the station is on the right)

Say which flavour of ice cream I like or don't like using the phrases J'aime and Je n'aime pas


Count to 50

Say rose and gris

Say what the weather is like (using one of the four weather expressions)

Say what I'm wearing (two items joined by et)

Say what colour an item of clothing is


Year 3Autumn

Count to 60

Say what someone is wearing using Je porte (I am wearing), Il porte (he is wearing) or Elle porte (she is wearing)

Say what colour a clothing item is, agreeing adjective with noun if necessary e.g. Je porte une jupe grise (I'm wearing a grey skirt)


Count to 80

Say where a building is using prepositions and a place e.g. en face du supermarché (opposite the supermarket)


Count to 100

Say what rooms and furniture are in my house

Say how many and what colour they are


Year 4Autumn

Count in hundreds from 100 to 1000

Say what foods and drinks I like or dislike

Saying what pets I have


Count to 1000

Say what pass-times I like or dislike

Saying the time (o'clock and half past)


Count to 10,000

Say what foods/drinks I like or dislike

Saying where a city is in France (which direction)


Year 5Autumn

Say which subjects we have on which days on the week

Say what time a lesson begins 


Say where they live, what nationality they are and what language they speak

Begin to use conjunctions donc (so), mais (but), et aussi (also) e.g. J'habite aux Etats Unis, mais je suis français.  Je parle l'anglais et aussi le français (I live in the USA but I'm French.  I speak English and also French.

Say who is doing a particular circus activity using the correct form of the verb faire


Say what the weather is like in places by using the names of French cities or compass points e.g. au nord (in the north), au sud-est (in the south-east)

Begin to use the past tense with some weather expressions e.g. le mardi il faisait du vent (On Tuesday it was windy)


Year 6Autumn

Translate into French any number up to 10,000

Say when something happens (ref grammar section above and add previously learned vocabulary and phrases)

Recalling the endings of -er verbs (e, es, e, e, e, ons, ez, ent)

Saying what someone is doing at different times e.g. à huit heures nous regardons la télévision


Saying what the weather is like, in different place, during different seasons of the year. 

Say what attractions you would find in Paris e.g. il y a la tour Eiffel


Say what was eaten/drank on different days by different people e.g. Le dimanche, il a mangé un gâteau et il a bu de l'eau.

Say what people do to celebrate la fête nationale.