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Colour key:

Making sense

Understanding impact

Making connections


Why is the word "God" special to Christians ?

  • Talk about things they find interesting, puzzling or wonderful and also about their own experiences and feelings about the world
  • Retell stories, talking about what they say about the world, God, human beings
  • Think about the wonders of the natural world, expressing ideas and feelings
  • Say how and when Christians like to thank their Creator
  • Talk about what people do to mess up the world and what they do to look after it.


 Why is Christmas special for Christians ?

  • Talk about people who are special to them
  • Say what makes their family and friends special to them
  • Recall simply what happens at a traditional Christian festival (Christmas)
  • Begin to recognise the word  ‘incarnation’ as describing the belief that God came to Earth as Jesus
  • Retell religious stories, making connections with personal experiences.


 Why is Easter special for Christians ?

  • Recognise and retell stories connected with celebration of Easter
  • Say why Easter is a special time for Christians
  • Talk about ideas of new life in nature
  • Recognise some symbols Christians use during Holy Week, e.g. palm leaves, cross, eggs, etc., and make connections with signs of new life in nature
  • Talk about some ways Christians remember these stories at Easter.


 Being special: where do we belong ?

  • Retell religious stories making connections with personal experiences
  • Share and record occasions when things have happened in their lives that made them feel special
  • Recall simply what happens at a traditional Christian infant baptism and dedication
  • Recall simply what happens when a baby is welcomed into a religion other than Christianity.


 Which places are special and why ?

  • Talk about somewhere that is special to themselves, saying why
  • Recognise that some religious people have places which have special meaning for them
  • Talk about the things that are special and valued in a place of worship
  • Begin to recognise that for Christians, Muslims or Jews, these special things link to beliefs about God
  • Get to know and use appropriate words to talk about their thoughts and feelings when visiting a church
  • Express a personal response to the natural world.


 Which stories are special and why ?

  • Talk about some religious stories
  • Recognise some religious words, e.g. about God
  • Identify some of their own feelings in the stories they hear
  • Identify a sacred text e.g. Bible, Torah
  • Talk about some of the things these stories teach believers (for example, what Jesus teaches about being friends with the friendless in the story of Zacchaeus; what Jesus’ story about the ten lepers teaches about saying ‘thank you’, and why it is good to thank and be thanked; what the Chanukah story teaches Jews about standing up for what is right), etc.