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The impact of our funding

We were allocated £18,150


£11,145 was spent on part-funding our Sports Coach who has (during the hours funded by the Sports Premium):

* Provided extra-curricular clubs (2 x after school and 5 x lunchtime) in a wide variety of sports/activities across the school ;

* Developed and supervised a team of Y5 and Y6 Play Leaders who have provided structured activities during lunchtimes

* Level 1 Cycling was taught to all children in Y5 and Y6; Level 2 to Y6

* Provided a daily “Sensory Circuits” intervention 4 days per week, at the beginning of the day, for our SEN children who need additional sensory regulation

* Taught P.E. alongside school staff to ensure smaller numbers (for Reception) and to provide CPD for staff new to the school  



* Activity levels at lunchtimes continue to increase with a larger group of children engaging in sporting activities.  This has also been provided during indoor breaks using activities such as table tennis. 

* Activity levels in PE lessons (where we have large class sizes of 36) have increased.  With two adults teaching each class, we have been able to split classes into smaller groups or focus on more effectively supporting those children who have struggled.

* We were able to continue extra-curricular activities during 2022 – 2023.  With additional funding from a parental donation, combined with the Sports Premium, we were able to offer clubs 5 nights a week in a variety of sports to all year groups across school.

* All of our Year 6 pupils accessed level 1 and level 2 cycle training; All of our Y5 pupils accessed level .  This enables the pupils to be safer on the roads and enjoy cycling as a sport and leisure activity.

* Children with sensory needs are able to access their learning more effectively after a sensory circuits session. 



During 2023 - 2024 we will continue to employ our Sports Coach but only part of his role will be funded by Sports Premium.  The funding will enable him to:

* provide CPD for teachers new to the school

*  provide additional after-school clubs in a wider variety of sports

* train and sustain a team of Y6 pupils as Play Leaders to enable more active playtimes for our younger pupils

* provide lunchtime activity sessions



£2,740 was spent on part-funding the Active Camps which are held in our school during periods of school closure.



* This enabled the camps to be charged to parents at a lower rate thus enabling a high number of children to register at each club despite the ever increasing cost of living.

* 20+ children accessed high quality activity camps (provided by our Sports Coach) in a familiar environment with familiar adults to increase their activity levels and provide childcare during periods of school closure. 



We will not be able to provide this funding in future years due to other commitments.



£700 was spent on providing a bag of "active playtime" resources for years 1 to 6.



* Each class (Y1 to Y6) has been provided with a bag of balls, hoops, skipping ropes, markers, bibs etc so that the children can be more active in their play during breaktimes. 

* Combined with the changes to our playtimes (where only two classes are on the yard at any one time) these bags of equipment have enabled children to become more active in their play. 



We will continue to "top" these bags up as the premium allows.



£1000 was spent on providing additional swimming coaching for those children in Year 5 and Year 6 who had not previously met the end of KS2 swimming expectations. 



90% of our children in Year 6 met the end of KS2 expectations for Swimming.

86% of our children in Year 5 have met the end of KS2 expectations for Swimming.



We will continue to use Sports Funding to fund this additional swimming instruction as long as the funding is available.  Our focus will be on those children who will be in Year 6 in 2023-2024.



£1,200 was spent on developing orienteering courses around school and providing resources so that they can be used to support learning in English and Maths.



No impact as yet – the resources were ordered towards the end of the year.



Part of the role of the Sports Coach in 2023-2024 will be to lead orienteering sessions, alongside class teachers, to promote use of the courses and provide CPD for staff. 



£350 was spent on resources for the “sensory circuits” programme.  



We now have sufficient resources for the programme to run 4 times a week with a large group of children.  Staff report that children are more regulated when they begin their “learning” day after completing the “sensory circuits” programme.



We will continue to use a small proportion of Sports Premium to fund resources.



£1,015 was spent on topping up our PE resources to ensure that staff have sufficient resources to deliver high-quality PE lessons.  We also had to repair some of our gymnastics equipment.



We now have sufficient resources so that all children in our larger classes have enough equipment in PE lessons.   For example, we were able to replace our very old hockey sticks so that we now have a full class set of sticks that are in good condition. 



We will continue to use a small proportion of Sports Premium to fund resources.