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Medicines in School

We are willing to support the administration of medicine in school. Each case is considered separately. There are some ground rules which have to be followed to ensure the system runs smoothly and that we follow best practice.

If your child needs to take medication on a long term basis – please ask to speak with Mr Griffith.

We are able to administer medicine late morning  / lunchtime  and at GOOSE- we are unable to give medicine at other times in the day. Parents are, however, welcome to come into school if necessary.


We are unable to administer non – prescription medicines. All medicines must be labeled from the pharmacist and prescribed for your child.

You will need to complete a medication registration form which identifies the medication and informs you that we are willing to take the responsibility of administering it.


Records are kept in school of any medication administered. It is parent’s responsibility to keep inhalers / epipens / medication up to date and to collect to take home. If medication is out of date we will not administer.


With the exception of asthma inhalers for the juniors, children must not keep medicines of any type in their school bags or lunch boxes etc with the intention of self–administering, whatever their age.


Our policy for Supporting Children with Medical Conditions can be found on our Policies page.